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Sattler and Co. is an integrated marketing, PR, distribution and content development company. A leader in Golf, Tourism and Hospitality industries, our extensive trade and media networks assist us to achieve our primary objective; to help clients grow.

Communication channels are at an all time high. From email to Instagram, text to tweet, there are more mediums than ever before by which you can communicate with your target market. Whilst this should make it easy to share your message, it also creates a lot of noise with which you have to compete. What’s more, consumers are increasingly in control of the messages that intersect their lives.  They can follow (or unfollow) you on social media, bypass ads and control what they read online.

The key is to understand your market and not only how to reach them, but how to engage with them so that they don’t put you on mute.

We develop holistic marketing, PR, content and distribution strategies to assist clients to engage their target market and achieve visibility in this increasingly noisy world.